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Cyprus is a one of the third largest country around Eastern Mediterranean Sea which is also bordered with Turkey, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt and Greece. This is also come under Middle East countries. About 10 Million is the population of Cyprus and it also one of the fast economy holder country in Middle East. Businesses in Cyprus playing a vital role to built the economy of the Cyprus day by day. And if we talk about the technology and Internet, then we came to know that Cyprus also making progress in field of Technology and Internet Marketing. All companies, Business, Organization and firms in Cyprus now prefer internet marketing to boost their local products over the world and get more customers from outside the Cyprus.

Due to era of Internet technology (which spreads rapidly worldwide) it become necessary to having a reputable website with fast web hosting and suitable domain name to leave a great impact over your clients. Website and Web hosting can be get from anywhere in Cyprus but to choose a domain name and best registrar of your domain extension is very difficult. Its really very difficult to choose a best domain extension (out of thousands of extension) for your website address. A domain extension can be a Country code domain name, beat-of level domain name or it can be a generic level domain name. If you want to focus multi countries then generic level domain names would be your first choice but if you want to represent your firm from a specific country then you need to get that country's domain name.

.CY domain name is top level Country code domain name of Cyprus, which comes under registry and sponsorship of University of Cyprus. And it is very famous domain extension in Cyprus. .CY domain extension is also comes with some second level domain extensions, all these domain extension has their own importance in Cyprus. like domain extension reserved for academic purpose, reserved for government department of Cyprus etc. All .CY second level domain extensions are mentioned below:

Note: You can register any of these Cyprus domain extension from us

Eligibility for a .CY domain name registration

  1. Being a top level domain name of Cyprus, its difficult to register .CY domain name from outside of Cyprus
  2. An Israeli cannot get registered this domain name for his/her website.
  3. Any local citizen of Cyprus (who have NIC of Cyprus) can register .CY domain name for his/her website.
  4. .CY domain name is unavailable for illegal purposes (Like porn websites or adult content etc.).
  5. Any local business, company, organization, institute, firm , NGOs, Government departments can register their relevant .CY extension by providing some required documents.

.CY Domain Overview

.CY Domain Requirements

✔   Full Name ✔   Postal Address
✔   Company Name ✔   Email Address
✔   Postal Code ✔   Contact No
✔   CNIC Copy ✔   Owner Signature

Restrictions on .CY Domain Name

Min. Character: 03
Max. Character: 63
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

.CY Domain Price

Setup Charges Free
Registration Charges AED 460 /1yr
Renewal Charges AED 460 /1yr
Domain name transfer: Free
Whois Privacy Charges: Free

.CY registration period

Registration period: 1 Years
Renewal period: 1 Years
Registration Increment: 1 Years
Renewal Increment: 1 Years
Registration delay: 60 Days

.CY domain registry information

Country: Cyprus
IDN support: YES
Additional Charges NO
Restrictions: YES

.CY Domain Facts

Launched: 1994
Registry/Sponsor: University of Cyprus
Status: Active
Renewal Increment: 1 Year+
Policies: Restricted

.CY Domain Renewal

As we know that .CY domain name is the top level domain name for Cyprus. And to get more traffic from Cyprus you need to get a domain name with .CY domain extension. .CY domain name is come with 30 days renewal deadline, its mean you have to renew your .CY domain extension as soon as before 30 days of its expiration. Because once your domain dug in to the redemption period then it would be difficult to restore your domain again, unless it will available again for new registration. have made easy for their clients to renew their .CY domain extension, you just need to login to your client account and submit domain renewal amount on your account to proceed your renewal, One of our representative will soon process your query to renew your domain as soon as before its expiration. In additional if you have chooses our auto renewal system and have enough amount on you account then you not need to worry because our auto renewal system will automatically renew your domain extension after deducting payment from your account.

We can also renew your .CY domain extension if we are not your current registrar. For this purpose you just need to transfer your .CY domain extension from your current regisrar to us, before its expiration.

Contact Us to renew .CY domain from us

Transfer .CY Domain Extension

Basically a domain transfer define the term of changing the registrar, in this process a registrant transfer his owned domain extension from current registrar to any other registrar. .CY domain extension is also transferable from one registrar to another registrar under some circumstances. If you are annoyed due to bad services and continuously increasing charges for renewal of your .CY domain extension from your current registrar then its your right to transfer your domain extension to any other who have same qualities which you deserved from you registrar. is only company in Cyprus who keep their rates same for your .CY domain renewal as you paid during its registration (Our rates changes very little bit depends upon the current rate of AED). also allow everyone to transfer their .CY domain name from your current registrar to us by following some basic steps given below:

STEP 1: Your .CY domain should be unlocked, for this you need to get EPP code or domain password from your current registrar.

STEP 2: Once your domain unlocked and you get your domain password then Visit our domain transfer page and provide your domain extension and EPP code to us and wait for our respond (It will take not more than 24 hours to process your order).

STEP 3: It will take 3 to 5 days to update your WHOIS information or complete your transfer process. But you not need to worry because it will not affect your running website.

You can also contact us to start .CY domain name process. We feel pleasure to help you in this query and remain in touch unless your transfer process will complete.