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.YE is top level country code domain extension (ccTLD) for Yemen. All of its second level domain extensions including and .ye are most popular domain extension in Yemen and its surrounding geographical area. To demonstrate the connection of Yemeni region you should get registered.YE domain name .YE intend to be the final choice if you want o launch your business website, personal blog or portfolio website for your online business improvement in Yemen.

In the age of internet where clients love to shop online for giving a professional look to business and services a website with local area domain play a vital role. Its also demonstrate commitment of companies to their clients and help to boost company’s business in that particular region as well as good will. A recent study tells us that companies and organization that target local market with a local domain website, generate much revenue as compared to traditional business that has never displayed their work over local internet. Now, the shopping trends have changed ,clients first explore their needs over the internet and then decide to buy a product and services, with all these facts we can say that a website appearance becomes mandatory. So, for your business improvement in the Yemeni Market place appear over the internet with your .Yemeni domain name, Get it register from top reseller of .ye domain extension. .AE register providing domain registration and renewal services across middle east, Get any of ccTLD for any gulf country in gulf regain in most competitive prices.:

Eligibility for a .YE domain name registration

  1. .YE is top level domain extension reserved for Yemen
  2. .YE domain extension is an internationalized domain extension thatthe reason it comes with some restrictions.
  3. All local companies or organizations of Yemen can get .YE domain extension for their websites.
  4. institute, firm , NGOs, Government departments can register their relevant .ye extension by providing some required documents.
  5. All international firms who linked with Yemen or providing their services in Yemen can get this domain extension for their official representation.
  6. Local citizens or NIC holders of Yemen can register a .YE domain name for their website.
  7. Yemen is an Islamic country that's why .ye domain name is not available for porn or adult content holder websites.
  8. All middle east country's citizen except Israelis, can get a .ye domain extension for their official website represent from Yemen.

.YE Domain Overview

.YE Domain Requirements

✔   Full Name ✔   Postal Address
✔   Company Name ✔   Email Address
✔   Postal Code ✔   Contact No
✔   CNIC Copy ✔   Owner Signature

Restrictions on .YE Domain Name

Min. Character: 02
Max. Character: 63
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

.YE Domain Price

Setup Charges Free
Registration Charges 1099 AED
Renewal Charges 1099 AED
Domain name transfer: 1099 AED
Whois Privacy Charges: Free

.YE registration period

Registration period: 1 Years
Renewal period: 1 Years
Registration Increment: 1 Years
Renewal Increment: 1 Years
Registration delay: 60 Days

.YE domain registry information

Country: Yemen
IDN support: YES
Sponsor TeleYemen
Restrictions: YES

.YE Domain Facts

Launched: 1996
Registry YemenNet
Status: Active
Renewal Increment: 1 Year+
Policies: Restricted

.YE Domain Renewal is providing the best and on time renewal services for all their clients specially for all .ae domain extension. The renewal period of a .YE domain extension is minimum 01 year. Its mean whenever your .YE domain extension will complete its renewal period, you need to renew it again for next year. .YE domain extension is come with 0 days grace period deadline, so you cannot get your .YE domain extension back after its expiration. You always need to remember the expiry date of your domain or choose a domain registrar who can inform you about expiry of your domain extension on time. We always keep informing our clients by sending them expiry alerts via email or by call them to remind then personally. That's the reason, that a we have a lot of clients from all cities of Gulf countries.

Is your .YE domain extension is registered with us? If yes, then you not need to worry more because we are providing the best renewal system for our all clients. You can choose our auto renewal or manual renewal system for your domain name. In auto renewal system your domain extension will automatically renewed after deducting the amount from your account. And in manual process you need to submit a renewal request to us for .YE domain extension. And pay us by any payment method you choose to transfer your money to us. After confirmation of your payment we will renew your .YE domain name within 24 hours. So keep calm after submitting payments because we will never drag your domain into probation period.

You can also renew your .YE domain extension from us, if your Yemeni domain is not register with us. For this you need to transfer your .YE domain extension to us from your current registrar. After completing transfer process, we should renew your domain extension in our mentioned charges.

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Transfer Procedure for .YE Domain Extension

Like all Country Code domain extensions you can also transfer .ye domain extension from current registrar to another registrar. You can transfer your .ye domain extension to any other .ye registrar if you are not satisfied from the services of your current registrar. We are also accepting .ye domain extension from any .ye holder. You can transfer your .ye domain extension to us in simplest ways by following some given steps below:

STEP 1: Get EPP code of you .YE domain extension from you current registrar or ask him to push your .YE domain extension to our domain panel (if he/she refused to give you domain panel or EPP code).

STEP 2: Visit our domain transfer page, after getting the EPP code or domain password from your current registrar, and provide your domain extension and EPP code to us and wait for our respond (It will not take more than 24 hours to process your order).

STEP 3: Wait for a welcome email from us and then all done Your domain transferred successfully to us.

We provide you guarantee that your .YE domain extension transfer process will not affect your live website and all WHOIS information will change automatically with 2 to 3 days, You you not need to worry about your current status of WHOIS information.

We can help you to transfer your .ye domain extension to us, You can contact us at any time from anywhere by sending us emails at or by contact us.