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The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA) was introduced a .PS domain extension for the region of Palestine in year 2000. The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA) is also the main registry and the administrator of .PS domain extension. In additional .PS domain extension is also come under the sponsorship of the Palestinian Information Technology Association (PITA). All the activities for .PS domain extensions is handle by the PNINA or PITA. The main benefit to getting a .PS domain is that you can easily target the internet market of Palestine and boost your business in all cities of Palestine. is providing all type of country code domain extensions as well as Generic level domain extension in United Arab Emirates. If you are the resident of United Arab Emirates but want to get .PS domain then you can get your domain easily from aergister have made easy for everyone to get any .PS domain name extension for their websites in United Arab Emirates. We have a huge cloud of all available domain names in Palestine, You just need to find a suitable domain name with your desired .PS domain extension by clicking search button, Once your domain is available then you can easily process your domain registration order with us and after confirmation of your payment you can get domain quickly. .PS domain extension also have some their level domain extensions which are designed for some special purpose.

Due to a war conditions in Palestine by Israel conditions are very bad in Palestine which affect the economy of the Palestine. But in these conditions Internet marketing and online business is making progress day by day and it helps to connect Palestinian companies with outer worlds. All firms, companies, schools, Hospitals and individuals in Palestine prefer to get a .PS domain extension for their own website to represent from Palestine. All Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) members and resellers of The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA) have authority to providing the .PS domain registration services for all .PS domain lovers or who interested to by .PS domain extension for their official website.

Eligibility for a .PS domain name registration

  1. .PS domain extension is the top level domain name reserved for the region of Palestine.
  2. .PS domain extension is unavailable for Israelis.
  3. Local presence is very important for all .PS domain extension, But a firm which linked with the individuals of Palestine, also have rights to get .PS domain extension for their company.
  4. In additional all Institutes, companies , NGOs, Government departments can register their relevant .PS extension by providing some required documents.
  5. A local citizen of Palestine can easily get .PS domain extension for his website for showing his/her NIC.
  6. .PS domain extension is not available for such type of websites which are against the law and rules of Palestine government.
  7. All middle east country's citizen except Israelis, can get a .PS domain extension for their official website represent from Palestine.

.PS Domain Overview

.PS Domain Requirements

✔   Full Name ✔   Postal Address
✔   Company Name ✔   Email Address
✔   Postal Code ✔   Contact No
✔   CNIC Copy ✔   Owner Signature

Restrictions on .PS Domain Name

Min. Character: 02
Max. Character: 63
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

.PS Domain Price

Setup Charges Free
Registration Charges 239 AED
Renewal Charges 239 AED
Domain name transfer: 239 AED
Whois Privacy Charges: Free

.PS registration period

Registration period: 1 Years
Renewal period: 1 Years
Registration Increment: 1 Years
Renewal Increment: 1 Years
Registration delay: 30 Days

.PS domain registry information

Country: Palestine
IDN support: YES
Sponsor PITA
Restrictions: YES

.PS Domain Facts

Launched: 2000
Registry PNINA
Status: Active
Renewal Increment: 1 Year+
Policies: Restricted

.PS Domain Renewal

Its a responsibility of a domain holder to or domain registrant to renew his/her domain extension extension as soon as possible before its expiration. The same scenario is with .PS domain extension, the time period of .PS domain extension is only 1 year. So whenever .PS domain extension complete its 1 year, it need to be renew again. Because after expiration of .PS domain extension you cannot renew it again for your website. Its a registrant duty to always keep in mind about the exact date for his/her expired .PS domain extension. And its also a duty of your registrar to keep you up to date before expiration of your domain extension. have a lot of clients who and we always keep our all clients up to date regarding their .PS domain extension status.

Its easy for you to renew your .PS domain extension, if it is registered by us. We are providing a best client panel for our clients which can help you to manage all domain extension easily from one place. You can also manage different domain names with .PS domain extension from our client panel. You can easily renew your .PS domain extension personally from our client area, for this purpose you need to login to your client area, registered with us, and submit an amount equal to your domain extension renewal charges and process your renewal order by submitting renewal query from client area. We will proceed your order after getting your payments (This process will not take more than 24 hours and the query after expiration dates will not be accepted and you have to pay some extra charges to renew your .PS domain extension after its expiration).

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Transfer .PS Domain Extension

All .PS domain extensions can be transferred from one registrar to another registrar by following some conditions and policies designed by the Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA). One of the main condition of transferring .PS domain extension is that you can transfer you .PS domain extension to only those registrars who are accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and can accept your free domain. Being an accredited member of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) we can accept all type of domain names with .PS extension. In additional you can transfer third level domain extension of .PS to us easily. You can transfer your .PS domain extension to us in simplest ways by following some given steps below:

STEP 1: Before proceeding transfer process your .PS domain extension must be unlocked or ask your current registrar to unlock your domain extension to make it transferable

STEP 2: Also get EPP code or your domain password from your current registrar, you may also ask your current registrar to push your .PS domain extension to our domain panel or provide you domain panel for transfer your domain.

STEP 3: After getting your domains EPP code or password you have to Visit our domain transfer page, after getting the EPP code or domain password from your current registrar, and provide your domain extension and EPP code to us and wait for our respond (It will not take more than 24 hours to process your order).

STEP 4: One of our representative will contact you soon as provide process your order, It will not affect your WHOIS information immediately, WHOIS information of your .PS domain extension will automatically update within 2 or 3 days after its transfer.

Your website remain in works if you transfer your .PS domain extension before its expiry, so you not need to be worry about any downtime during transferring process

If you are facing any type of problem while transferring your .PS domain extension to us then you may contact us by sending us emails at or by call us.