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Qatar, a wealthier Arab state, known as strongest economy and the highest per capita GDP growth due to its vast oil and natural resources. This gulf state, also known for big investment opportunists in the field of oil and trading. (.QA) domain is country code top level domain extension (ccTLD) for Qatar. Specificity reserved for Individuals and organizations located in Qatar and want internet appearance in the land of pearl hunting. If you intend to be trade and business in the Qatari market with your internet appearance in Qatar then grab .qa domain name for your business website or blog and show-up your expertise over the internet with the help of internet marketing.

Qatar is the wealthiest country of the Middle East and hub of oil trading pearl hunting. Qatar capital, Doha, known for its futuristic skyscrapers and amazing architecture inspired by ancient Islamic design. The Fabulous infrastructure of Islamic architecture fetched the eye attraction of tourists. Its mean that Qatar has plenty of business opportunities in tourism. For availing the business opportunists country top domain extension for internet appearance becomes mandatory in the age of internet where buyers or any services seekers explore intent.

Being a top domain reseller in Qatar, has made registering of any Qatar domain name very easy, you can Get register .qa,, domain extension in few minutes by just following these easy steps:

Search your appropriate domain extension that you wanna register for Qatar in the search bar available on this page, if your domain name is available for registration, then place an order to secure your domain name, our official domain representative will start further process after receiving domain registration query from you. After providing required documents and mandatory information about you and your company you will become the owner of your own Qatari domain extension for your business website Qatar.

Note: You can register any of these Kuwaiti domain extension.

Eligibility for a .QA domain name registration

  1. .QA domain name is reserved for Qatar region.
  2. Qatar is Islamic Republic Arab country that's why .qa domain extension is not available for any illegal websites.
  3. Any local business, company, organization, institute, firm , NGOs, Government departments can apply for registering their relevant .qa extension by providing some required documents.
  4. Registered companies and Qatari citizens can register any second level country code extension for their official websites.
  5. Local citizens or NIC holders of Qatar can register a .Qa domain name for their website.
  6. Like all Islamic Gulf countries Kuwaiti domain extension is also not available for Israel.

.QA Domain Overview

.QA Domain Requirements

✔   Full Name ✔   Postal Address
✔   Company Name ✔   Email Address
✔   Postal Code ✔   Contact No
✔   CNIC Copy ✔   Owner Signature

Restrictions on .QA Domain Name

Min. Character: 03
Max. Character: 63
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

.QA Domain Price

Setup Charges Free
Registration Charges AED 1360 /1yr
Renewal Charges AED 1360 /1yr
Domain name transfer: Free
Whois Privacy Charges: Free

.QA registration period

Registration period: 1 Years
Renewal period: 1 Years
Registration Increment: 2 Years
Renewal Increment: 1 Years
Registration delay: 3 Days

.QA domain registry information

Country: Kuwait
IDN support: YES
Sponsor Qatar Telecom (Q-Tel)
Restrictions: YES

.QA Domain Facts

Launched: 1996
Registry Qatar Domains Registry.cpr144449003101
Status: Active
Renewal Increment: 1 Year+
Policies: Restricted

.QA Domain Renewal

Renewal period of a Qatari domain name is one year. Its necessary to renew a .QA domain name after its expiry or minimum 30 days before to secure your website to dug into probation period, because once your domain extension goes into probation period it become difficult for you to renew it again. And .qa domain extension also have not any grace period of renewal, as soon as your domain expired, you cannot restore it again and may be lost you domain.

We have designed a special client area for our all clients to make their activities easily. We have made simplest renewal procedure to renew .QA domain extension. All you need just login to your account in our website and submit domain renewal amount on your account to proceed your renewal and also submit a query for renew your .qa domain extension. One of our representative will soon process your query to renew your domain as soon as before its expiration. You can also select auto renew for your domain so it will be automatically renew before 30 or 20 days of its expiration (you can set renewal time yourself while ordering for .qa domain registration).

You can also transfer your .qa domain extension from your current registrar, for renew it from us. We will welcome you and proceed your order as soon as we get any query from your side. You will be enjoy our domain registration and renewal services and we also assure you that our prices always remains same as you paid during registration or at first renewal time. We keep our clients up to date and also keep reminding our clients about their domain current status.

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Transfer .QA Domain Extension

Every .qa domain extension holder have freedom to choose their desired registrar to hold their domain extension for long time, but if you feel that your current registrar is not provided you satisfied services then you also have rights to change your registrar or transfer your domain extension to any other registrar. You can also transfer your .qa domain extension to us in simplest ways by following some given steps below:

STEP 1: Just unlock your .qa domain extension from your current registrar and get EPP code from him/her. Or you can also ask your current registrar to transfer your .qa towards our domain panel.

STEP 2: After getting the EPP code or domain password from your current registrar, visit our domain transfer page and provide your domain extension and EPP code to us and wait for our respond (It will not take more than 24 hours to process your order).

STEP 3: Don't worry about WHOIS information because it will not change immediate however it can be take 3 to 5 days to update your WHOIS information of you .qa domain extension.

If you are facing any problem while transferring your .qa domain extension to us, then you can contact us to get any type of Support.