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Egypt, one of the most historic county on the earth, know as his popular monuments and amazing history. Egypt the land of pyramids is 3rd most populated county in Africa. Egypt also one of the most populated African county, its estimated population is round about 84,837,000. (.EG) is top level country code domain extension for Egypt. This domain extension also very popular in Egypt and its surrounding geographical area, to demonstrate the online connection to Egyptians regain, EG domain is the final choice.

Egyptian Universities Network is main registry and sponsor of .EG domain extension. Since 1991, the .Eg domain extension has been around. International companies and organizations who want to have web appearance in Egypt region .EG domain could be one of final choice for them.

For giving professional look to business and services a website with local area domain play a vital role. Its also demonstrate commitment of companies to their clients and help to boost company’s good will. A recent study tell us that companies and organization that target local market with local domain website generate handsome revenue as compare to traditional business. In the age of Internet where clients first explore their needs over the internet and then decide to buy a product and services, a website appearance becomes mandatory, so if business owners implement best internet marketing techniques with their local domain website then its help to increase revenue. As Google latest updates about site ranking, popular search engine like Google, Bing, and yahoo rank well those website which are specificity target for a particular region's internet users, however, its also help for websites SEO point of view. So, why you still not live on internet for your business in Egypt, register .EG domain name and demonstrate your online web appearance in Egypt, the land of monuments and the great pyramids.

Note: Registered companies can register any of these .EG extension from us

Eligibility for a .EG Domain Registration

  1. Only register companies and organizations in Egypt after providing important required documents can register .EG domain extention
  2. An Israeli cannot get registered this domain name for his/her website.
  3. Any local citizen of can register domain name for his/her personal website.
  4. .EG domain is strictly prohibited domain extension for use of any illegal purposes (Like porn websites or adult content etc.).
  5. Any local business, company, organization, institute, firm , NGOs, Government departments can register their relevant .Eg extension by providing some required documents.

.EG Domain Overview

.Eg Domain Requirements

✔   Full Name ✔   Postal Address
✔   Company Name ✔   Email Address
✔   Postal Code ✔   Contact No
✔   CNIC Copy ✔   Owner Signature

Restrictions on .EG Domain Name

Min. Character: 03
Max. Character: 22
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

.EG Domain Price

Setup Charges Free
Registration Charges AED 460 /1yr
Renewal Charges AED 1360 /1yr
Domain name transfer: Free
Whois Privacy Charges: Free

.EG registration period

Registration period: 1 Years
Renewal period: 1 Years
Registration Increment: 1 Years
Renewal Increment: 1 Years
Registration delay: 4 Working Days

.EG domain registry information

Country: Cyprus
IDN support: YES
Additional Charges NO
Restrictions: YES

.EG Domain Facts

Launched: 1991
Registry/Sponsor: Egyptian Universities Network
Status: Active
Renewal Increment: 1 Year+
Policies: Restricted

.EG Domain Renewal Procedure:

.EG domain renewal procedure is also simple. Registrant of EG domain has 60 day grace period after the expiry date of .EG domain. Within 60 day cutomer should renew their .Eg domain other wise domain will go to redemption period. Once it happen then you will pay extra money for your domain renewal for next one year. So, to get more traffic from Egyptian region over your business website you need to get a domain name with .eg domain extension. Being a top domain reseller in Egypt, we keep you update about your domain expiry date, to stay away from any inconvenient. Because once your domain dug in to the redemption period then it would be difficult to restore your domain again, unless it will available again for new registration.

AEREGISTER has made it easy to their clients to renew .Eg domain extension, you just need to login to your client account and submit domain renewal amount on your account to proceed your renewal, One of our representative will soon process your query to renew your domain as soon as before its expiration. In additional if you have chooses our auto renewal system and have enough amount on you account then you not need to worry because our auto renewal system will automatically renew your domain extension after deducting payment from your account.

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Transfer .EG Domain Extension

Being a top domain resller in Egypt our aim is to provide best solution for your internet appearance in Egypt region. WE also provide domain transfer services, AEREGISTER can also renew or transfer .EG domain extension if we are not your current registrar. For this purpose you just need to transfer your .EG domain extension from your current registrar to us, before its expiration.

Normally, domain host never provide a domain panel for EG, you must point name server of your host, For transferring your EG domain in to our domain registry you should follow following easy steps.

STEP 1: Before you have to unlock your .EG domain name or to get EPP code of your domain extension from your current registrar.

STEP 2: Visit our domain transfer page and provide your domain extension and EPP code to us. One of our representative will process your order quickly and send you a confirmation email (that your domain name successfully transfer to aeregister) at your provided email address.

STEP 3: The minimum transfer time of .EG domain name is 01 day (24 hours) but it can be take maximum 5 Days (120 hours) so complete the transfer process with full whois integration.

f your current registrar refused to provide you the EPP code for your domain name then you can contact us to proceed your .EG domain transfer process manually you just need to send us emails at info@aeregister or contact us.