Registry & Registrar Agreement:

There are some rule and regulations that a Registry and a Registrar have to follow for a .ae domain registration, renewal or transfer. We consider it as a legal document, so get it from here and review it.

AEDA Privacy Policy:

Being an accredited member of ICANN we have to follow all the terms and policies of AEDA (Arab Emirates Domain Administration). We also have upload the .aeda privacy and policy document for our clients and recommend them to review it.

Whois Display Policy for .ae domains:

We are providing best .ae domain whois service by following the whois data collection and display policy of AEDA. We have rights to display or fetch only that information to our clients that AEDA allow a registrar to display for a registrant.

Reserved .ae Domain Names Policy:

If you not ant to get register your .ae domain name yet but you want to reserved that domain name for your website for future use then you need to follow some rules of AEDA to reserved your domain name to secure it from any other registrant or registrar.

.ae Domain Registration Eligibility:

.ae domain registration is an internationalized domain name and you can not get register it from outside of United Arab Emirate's region. All .ar second level and third level ccTLDs are restricted and come under some privacy and policies. You can view the .ae domain registration, renewal and transfer eligibility on attached document. You should follow these rules and conditions to register a .ae domain extension.

.ae Domain Registrant Warranties Policy:

.ae domain name come with some warranties. A registrant must aware about these warranties before placing an order for .ae domain extension for his/her website. All warranties of a .ae domain name are mentioned in attached file.

.AE domain Password Policy:

Before transfer your .ae domain name you must need to get its password to unlock your domain name for transfer process. But there are some term and conditions that you must follow to get your .ae domain password. Just review the attached document to get your domain password.

.AE domain Transfer Policy:

AEDA restrict all registrant to transfer their domain name in unusual manners, And only allow serious registrant to change their registrar by following some methodology. A brief .ae domain transfer policy has described on attached document.

.AE Domain Renewal, Exipry and Deletion Policy:

There are some rules and regulation for Renewal and Deletion of Your .ae domain name. In attached documents we have clearly mentioned about the exact time for renew a .ae domain name and exact time of .ae domain expiration. It also mentioned in attached documents that when AEDA will delete a .ae domain after its expiration or completion probation period.

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